Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I Like Seoul, Reason #42

I ran out of beer, which back at 150 Boone on a Sunday would mean No beer for me! I slipped on my slippers, took the elevator to 1F (first floor), walked down the hall to Family Mart-uh, without ever leaving the building, and plonked down some money. Crisis averted.

This is but one of the million stories in the naked city. Yesterday, I had to go to Itaewon to get minutes for the handu pon, so I could call Andy about meeting up--turns out he is turning thirty, the young yoot. We had samgyupsal and pork galbi in Sillim, then went to second course at a bar called E.T., complete with large E.T. mannekins and wall murals of the magic finger connection thing.

ET mannekin in ET Bar
I don't know what else they did (there was a crowd of about ten, including Hyundai Training Ctr roomie Max) because I go home at 23:00. I'm too cheap for taxi fare.


Andrew said...

You missed out on some serious trouble later that night, Tuttle. I probably should have gone home at 11pm as well, but I stayed and embarrassed myself. Oh well.

Nice picture, by the way.

Mr. B said...

Oh, the blue laws and dry counties. Bless 'em.

I tried to explain these concepts to people over here.

I think I'd have more success trying to explain division by zero.