Monday, October 27, 2008

Konglish 101

Having a little fun with my new camera (a Canon Powershot A560 that was cheap--under USD 100, including a 1GB memory card), I went around taking pictures of some of the Konglish signage in my neighborhood. Just to test it out, you understand. Mouse over the pic for my smart-aleck comments:
RENOVATE YOUR BODY NEWLY - even if it's oldly bodies that need renovating most
DAY AND DAY - this is E-Mart's bakery, which is open day and night ... but don't tell anyone
OPEN STORE - also open day and night, except when it's closed
SHE'S MIN - oh, is she now--and how can you tell?
MAN & WOMEN - uh, I thought that was 'Shampoo'
GRILWICH: THE BEST OF FRIEND - well, I would rather it be the best of grilled sandwich
CLOTHE WASHED - well, if the clothe is washed, why put them in the dirty clothe hamper?
TOSS ENGLISH - well, with English like this, we might as well!


Andrew said...

Man, you have really sunk far.

Tanner Brown said...

What could be preventing my Firefox (and Chrome for that matter) from displaying mouse-over tags? It's

Good pics, but you coulda had more shots of hot 20-something women working with albino tigers.

Chris in South Korea said...

I like them! Keep 'em coming :) The mouse-over comments didn't work for me either (running Firefox) - probably a bug in the Blogger scriptaroo. Could you post your witty comments inline with the photos? :)

Tuttle said...

Those comments are the "alt" attribute, which was originally intended for blind people (a text version of the picture). However, some of us noted early on (about IE 4 or 5) that the text would pop up, and so we added more than just descriptions in our alt tags.

Today, the fact that Firefox uniquely fails to show alt tags (while blogger even provides the tag as a default, even in Firefox) suggests to me the fault lies in Firefox.

Thanks for the comments, love the shades!