Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Mention of Monty Python in This Whole Blog

I am tempted not to write this post. Very tempted. Oh, okay, what the hell. I'll go ahead and do it. Despite my misgivings, I'll go ahead and describe the evening. It was the first opportunity for the SMOE crowd to meet Patrick, Karen's boyfriend.

And let me begin by pointing out that neither Karen nor Patrick were anything other than gracious hosts and scintillating conversationalists. Smart, handsome folks. After gathering at Hongdae exit 4 (turns out exit 3 is a phantom) we hiked up several blocks to the restaurant, which was quite a good one--we had most of the top floor to ourselves. Samgyupsal, galbi, maekchu and soju were abundant. Here's a picture (taken with my new camera):

Dinner at samgyupsal-galbi place in Hongdae
The first fallen warrior was Gavin, who's soju limit was exceeded possibly before we even went upstairs. We talked sports, history, customs and almost sang some Monty Python: "Immanuel Kant was a real pissant who was very rarely stable..."

Phillip, bless him, tried to help the guy, despite our best advice, and thus got lost in the crowd. Andy--you know the one I mean--just wimped out. Wimped out. Period. Around eightish. Wimped totally out, around eightish. 'Nuff said, Phillies fans.

Hongdae street scene
On to Itaewon we went, Karen, Patrick, Steve and I. To 3 Alley, which, if you have to go to Itaewon, isn't such a bad place. Vanda showed up, too, so it turned out to be a "good old time". Get this, though: Steve (#2) refuses to share his lesson plans with the rest of us--his shit, apparently, doesn't stink. Fine. Be that way. Just ask me for help when the time comes.

Anyway, I left in time to take the subway home, as is my usual pattern. BUT they were working on the tracks or something so line 6 stopped at Daeheung and I had to take a taxi, dammit. Right at W10,000. And we didn't even sing noraebang!


Tanner Brown said...

Wait, the way you set this up, I thought there was gonna be something bad about Patrick or Karen. It sounded like you were establishing, "God I shouldn't tell you guys about this, and Patrick and Karen are good people, BUT..."

Anybody else think that too?

Andrew said...

Tuttle, you rapscallion! I was partying in Sillim until 3:30am last night.

Not just that, but I still woke up at 9:00am to watch the Phils game!