Monday, October 6, 2008

Four Fascinating Tidbits for Today

1) So, what do you do when an erstwhile "friend" writes a blog post whose very TITLE is that you, yourself, suck? Why, link to it, of course! You do this mainly because your "friend" has a severe inferiority complex due to his small penis and crappy writing skills ... and you are the forgiving, understanding sort, who has a much larger penis and superior writing skills.

2) I spent the usual untold hours (okay, about three) preparing my lesson plan yesterday, only to find out on my way to school that this is the last day of exams--no classes. Between Chuseok, exams and Foundation Day, I'm starting to wonder why they brought me here ...

3) An old student (well, he's not old, he's somewhere in his twenties, but you know what I meant) is coming to Seoul for an overnight visit while on liberty from his ship, the USS George Washington, which is in Busan for fleet review. So I went shopping for an inflatable mattress in E-Mart-uh to put in my loft, only to learn it's a seasonal item, summer only. I had to settle for a pad sort of thing, but it ain't that bad. Besides, military guys should be able to sleep on broken glass and eat nails without complaining. I believe it's part of the training. Right, Ben?
Che Guevara
4) I think most of us will agree that cyberbullying and internet slander are reprehensible, but I wonder if Korea's new laws with criminal penalties are a solution, or just an additional set of problems. These laws were first discussed in the context of the recent beef flap, but are receiving renewed attention with the apparent suicide of popular actress Choi Jin-sil. Her death is being blamed on malicious internet rumor-mongering. Incidentally, though the Romanization is Choi, her name is pronounced much more like Che, of Guevara fame. How can you possibly learn a language this way?


Tanner Brown said...

I read this blog only because you have "KFC grandfather" in your label cloud.

Mr. B said...

That's as good a reason as any to read something.

Andrew said...

I read it because it has 'Beef Blog' in there. I'm not sure what exactly that refers to, as I am afraid to click it, but it sounds like something I don't want to see.