Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog News: 100 Posts!

This marks my one hundredth post to the Seoulpatch blog, stretching back to the time in June when I got the job offer from SMOE to teach in Seoul. It's been quite a journey--and I don't just mean the fourteen-hour flight from Atlanta to Incheon.

This blog has attempted to document a total rewrite of my life; one of my friends has referred to me as the poster child for stability: I spent 22 years in the same ZIP code, holding only two jobs and having only two addresses in all that time. About the only thing that changed was my waistline, and not for the better. To suddenly sell out, settle up and sail off to Seoul may have struck him as strange, but to me it became a simple decision.

If you've read along, you know I took a hard look at Korea, and at myself, before taking this step. Was I ready to give up everything, leave my family and friends, and go to a distant place I had never even visited before? Turns out I was not only ready, I was chomping at the bit.

This post also commemorates two months in Korea. How has it been? Fantastic! While it's only two months, I feel more and more certain I made the right decision. Doncha just love happy endings?

And finally, the fact that I have managed to abstain from 'Konglish in the wild' posts makes me feel a little entitlement, now that I'm at number 100. So today, I was in the food court at E-Mart-uh, enjoying my weekly Whopper with cheese, when I saw a girl nearby wearing a shirt with the following:
A River Runs Thought It in Venice

Read it again. That's thought, not a typo, well, not mine anyway.


Andrew said...

If you just throw a dash or a semicolon in there, it works perfectly.

A river runs - Thought it in Venice.

Chris said...


Glad to hear your adventure is great. I have decided to teach in Korea about the same time your blog started and have been following it every post. Great job! Can you tell me how the women are?

Chris (new york)