Friday, May 14, 2010

Sports Day 2010

As this post's title might suggest, today was Sports Day at Young-il go. I'll limit myself to three photos from each category. (Remember to just click on a picture if you want to see the full size version.)

Basketball: Only the third grade (HS seniors to you and me) has a basketball tourney on Sports Day, dunno why. So it is kind of an insular affair--but everybody seems to love the new rubberized court surface:

Soccer: While the third year is playing basketball, fisrt and second play soccer. This is followed by a student vs faculty game, which was a hard-fought 2 - 2 tie.

Relay Race: On the dirt of the playground, in tennis shoes, wipeouts are pretty common.

The Kids: A few general shots of the for a feel of the atmosphere and a look at some of the faces of Young-il Sports Day.

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Foreigner Joy said...

Good post ~ I like seeing highschool pictures because I teach Elementary and wonder what it is like on your side of the spectrum.