Friday, May 28, 2010

Annual Job Fair

The second annual Young-il English Job Fair is in the books, and it was one for the ages. Michael Jackson has good prospects for a contract teaching English at Happy Time Academy (don't worry, it's not that Michael Jackson); Fred Flintstone is at the top of the list as a marine scientist for Wellbeing Aqua-culture, the imaginary fisheries megacorp; Archie Bunker hopes Shinsegae will look past his laziness and offer him that accountant's job for which he feels so well-suited; and Mickey Dolenz, with his dual Physics and Engineering degree from MIT, will surely get a call from Hyundai Heavy Industry.

I stole this activity from our ESL friends at, and expanded it for a class of forty. The classroom becomes the main hall for the job fair, the desks rearranged as interview booths. Of course, even if you can't rearrange your classroom, making up some decent-looking signs, controlling access to the classroom, and emphasizing protocols of hand-shaking, proper greeting and dismissing, etc. can make this activity a student favorite.

The second graders did this last year, but they were quite enthusiastic about doing it again, and Mr Wright noted that his students have improved their speeking proficiency considerably since last year. So that's good to hear.

A few more photos:

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