Sunday, May 23, 2010


With my friend The Stumbler, I went to a new restaurant near Balsan Stn on Line 5 (walking distance--barely), called 육칠팔 yuk chil pal, Six seven eight.

We were there for the galbi-jjim, which is a slow-cooked, spicy dish with bone-in beef ribs and vegetables. We got the medium spicy but found it tame. Next time, I'll definitely go for the full-on spicy.

The stone pot is kept warm at the table via sterno; the contents slowly disappear until there's nothing left but some sauce. At this restaurant, they took the pot back into the kitchen to prepare bokumbap--fried rice--in the pot scrapings.

This was my first encounter with galbi-jjim, but it won't be my last--it is very tasty and filling, if rather pricy, at 50,000 W for two large servings (800 grams). The restaurant is big, shiny and clean, in a new building. The Stumbler knew some of the backstory of the place, including it being part-owned by 강호동, a popular celebrity and TV presenter.

That is an interesting sidelight, but it isn't needed to make the food taste better--it was pretty damn good no matter who owns it.

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