Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Holiday

I found out last week that we would have no school today, as it was a "Special Holiday" called by the principal. In reality, what happened is that Saturday was (school) Founder's Day, and taking a half-day vacation wasn't suitably festive, so he decreed it moved to today. Apparently, school principals have about four such days at their discretion, but this is the first one our leader has ever used. Couldn't say what's up with that.

So, what did I do on my Special Holiday? Washed a load of clothes, got a haircut, did a bit of shopping. Nothing special, then.

School will also be closed on Friday, as it is Buddha's Birthday--same as Christmas, one of my students explained to me.

Saturday, I went to Mokdong to watch the Heroes--whose fortunes have been on the upswing of late--lose to the Samsung Lions 0 -5, after beating them 18 - 5 on Friday. Still, the Heroes won the series by taking Sunday's game 9 - 8. They don't play at home again until the 28th through 30th vs. LG. But I'll be ready, as I found a Heroes cap (only one left) in the cap bin at E-Mart for 18000 W. That's half the price they want in the stadium.

Finally, I watched Korea face off with Ecuador last night from my chicken hof. True, the game was live just a few miles away across the river, but I was all stadiumed out. As expected, the Reds won 2 - 0, in the second half; Ecuador didn't make the final round in South Africa starting in about three weeks--what did they expect?


SuperDrew said...

Dude I have one of those 'special holidays' next Monday. Well, I was supposed to, but the principle somehow reneged on it, and now I have no first grade classes that day, but I have to come in to teach a single second grade class. Now what is up with that!?

Good grab on the hat, by the way. I am desirous of a Heroes jersey, but at 80,000w, I gotta pick it up at a game when the wife isn't there, as she would murder me senseless for spending that kind of money.

Anonymous said...


Do you know a Korean language class for (foreigners) -- beginner level -- that's offered at a school in or near Deungchon-dong by any chance?


Tuttle said...

I do not know of such; however, our friends at Seoul Global Center could help you out.
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