Monday, May 3, 2010

Rooftop on Cheolsan

Shout-out to pal Nick for the most awesome wingding of a birthday party last Saturday. The weather was great--the first really fine spring weather of the season, and here it is May!

The location was a villa apparently owned by Nick's old hagwon, currently inhabited by some of his friends. Dude name of Galen, above with me and Jin fronting the awesome vista looking northeast, spun the tunes and did a great job. I knew it would be good when I walked up and they were chillin' to some some Hank Sr.

Even though I was feeling poorly, and still am (my first illness in Korea--a common cold), it was a great time! Here's a shot of most of the participants before darkness fell and things got kind of silly. I did take photos of that but they aren't very good. Possibly because I was a bit silly, too...

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Nick!

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