Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Funny Things ... and Snow

First of all, I must confess it has been a sort of hobby of mine making up the names of exotic dancers by altering the names of famous actresses, ever since I was in a production of 'Guys and Dolls' and helped one of the Hot Box Girls name herself Ursula Undress (from Ursula Andress, Swiss sexpot and one of the original Bond girls). Today, one of the students helped me out.

Recall, dear reader, that this week's lesson is about the movies--students will make clues from a movie's genre, actors, setting, etc., and the rest of the group will try to determine the movie in question. Misspellings of names here are sometimes humorous, but usually unremarkable. However, one of the female stars of 'Mama Mia' was rendered as Merry Strip. Score!

The latest joke going around school is this:
Q: What's the biggest bell at Young-il HS?
A: Cam-bell.

Lastly, it snowed today. Starting at lunch, then for about an hour: heavy clumpy wet blobs, none of which stuck to the ground. I came outside and caught a few flakes on my tongue, which prompted Assistant Principal Kim to do the same, laughing like crazy. The air was thick with it for a while here west of the river; by quitting time, the sky was clear and the temp. was around 50 F. Still, my first snow in Korea. Right now, it's 40 F in Seoul, 36 F in Atlanta. I'll take it as a sign.


Unsinkable Marge said...

Woahhh snow!!! Its not snowing here but it is cold enough for me to wear long underwear every day. Did it suck to walk home in the snow? How is E-martsu's selection of winterwear?

Also for the reference, the word for "comment verification" or whatever you call that jibberish I have to type anytime I want to leave a comment.... anyway the word right now is nymphy.

Tuttle said...

By the time school was out the snow was gone and the sky was clear. I ordered a heavy coat from LL Bean.

The name for those things is "captcha".

Ladyslippers said...

At least you got snow. I'm north of Atlanta and it's cold but no snow...If it's going to be this cold, the least it could do is snow... ;o)