Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving/Birthday

Today a small group of us gathered at the restaurant of the Somerset Hotel in Jongro-gu (a ritzy area, the financial district, very near Insa-dong, and right next door to the comfort women protest site). It was Thanksgiving Dinner, a big, well-cooked turkey with gravy and dressing, and all the fixings: corn, green beans, mashed potatoes--and they didn't skimp on the butter.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Above is a shot of the group at the beginning of dinner; below, the chef carving the turkey, and the hotel courtyard lighted for Christmas.

chef carving turkeyChristmas lights at Somerset Hotel

Even though there was a little unpleasantness surrounding the tab, we had a fine evening of food and fellowship. I had planned to point out towards the end that today was my birthday, and maybe get a toast--but it didn't quite work out. Oh well. Happy birthday to me.

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Ladyslippers said...

Happy belated birthday!