Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Wind Blowing

Today's low was 25 F, and the high a little over 40 F... In Atlanta! It was the same here in Seoul, but the wind chill factor made it feel about 9 degrees colder. In the sun.

I asked Hwang about the wind chill factor this morning, and he figured out what I meant, but it's apparently not included in weather reports here. No sense in making people feel colder than they already are, I guess. It's always been my theory that the WCF and the heat index were inventions of the US weathercasting industry to punch up the numbers a bit, create a little more drama in an otherwise humdrum profession--I mean, a weatherman is lucky to get two or three reasonably devastating natural catastrophes to report on in a whole year.

Anyway, it won't get any colder tomorrow, but it won't warm up as much either--the high is supposed to be 33 F. I brought my heaviest jacket, the old school Adidas fibre-fill I've had since about 1997. I had considered buying a heavy-duty one before I left, but wanted to wait and see (not to mention the limited packing space). Still looks fine, plenty warm enough for Georgia, but ... I'll be contacting my friends at LL Bean in the next few days. I'm thinking the Baxter State parka, good to -55 F.

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Anonymous said...

Down here in Jindo, surprisingly, it's already snowing: http://flickr.com/photos/antipeople/3040781362/