Saturday, November 1, 2008

Above My Neighborhood

I have been playing in Google Earth and figured out a way to post a link on the internet that will open your Google Earth and then load up a view of Doosan officetel, where I live, (lat=37.557010608, lon=126.861456017). For some reason, the method I found in a forum wouldn't work until I switched from to, and very annoying. So, enjoy the fruits of my geekiness. My very cool geekiness.

If you do not have Google Earth (well, even if you do), I made an image of my officetel and my school, and mapped the route I take to get to and from. This walk takes 17 to 20 minutes, depending on how long the wait is at the crosswalk. Do click to see the larger version:

My route to and from work


Tanner Brown said...

What's the dark green or whatever at the top right? Lake? Messiah? Ricky Martin's chode?

Tuttle said...

Well, the part in the very corner is the Han River. The odd-shaped green part is some kind of green expanse. A driving range would be my first guess. As you know, a lot of stuff one can see from the air is totally shielded at ground level.

Unsinkable Marge said...

Is that a GIANT pool behind your apartment?!? Or a blue roof??

Tuttle said...


There you are, I was worried you had sunk! Alas, that's the roof of Hi-Mart, an electronics store along the lines of HH Gregg.