Saturday, November 15, 2008

Art in Insa-dong

Artist Mr Yi and Principal Jun took me to Insa-dong today for a visit to Pi-wun palace, which turns out to be Changdeokgung, which I visited before. However, it is now resplendant in autumn colors. That's Jun on the left and Yi on the right of the photo. I'm the one in the middle:

Pi-wun is from the Chinese, meaning miracle garden. It refers to the "secret gardens" behind Changdeokgung; I have included a few pics below (I like using these tables to organize the photos, but despite scrutinizing the code, cannot make the annoying gap on top disappear):

Following the palace tour, we had samgyupsal at Insa-dong, served by a lovely Chinese girl.

Chinese girl serving samgyupsal in Insa-dong
After stuffing ourselves, we visited a few art galleries in Insa-dong. First, here are three public art installations, the third of which should look familiar to readers of the updated "Neighborhood Art" post--the artist, I now know, is Chung Kuk-taek:

Chinese stone carvings at top of Insa-dong-gil
Draw a Stroke, by Yoon Young-seok

Insa-dong is a street in Jongno-gu with several side streets (Insa-dong-1-gil, Insa-dong-2-gil, etc) which is exclusively populated with art galleries, craft shops, traditional tea houses, and cafes and restaurants. Very artsy, and as you might expect, a lot of it is crap. Below are just a few of the better pieces (in my opinion) in the galleries we visited--at least the ones that allowed photography.

As we were leaving, we came across ddok--rice cakes--being made in the traditional fashion.

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Mr. B said...

Oh, the Ddok man. He was quite pushy with me when I went. I don't know what he was saying, but he liked to brandish that mallet in my general direction. I like to think it was something like, "Hey, little white guy! Come try this rice cake or I'll bash you in the head!"

It probably wasn't.