Friday, November 7, 2008

Suicide Veggies!

A while ago, I wrote in a post titled Martyrdom in the Animal Kingdom, about a website called Suicide Food, wherein an overwrought vegetarian analyses images of livestock animals participating in their own demise on restaurant logos--a pig cooking barbeque, for instance, or a chicken serving up hot wings.

The site rates the depravity of the images with nooses, where one noose is "mildly troubling" and five is "Ye gods! I must go wash out my eyeballs!"

Ever the contrarian (which I gather is a polite way of calling someone a jerk), I have found a couple of logos here in Seoul of Suicide Vegetables! WARNING: The photos below depict vegetable food products in a marginally charming, chlorophyll-insensitive manner unsuitable for viewing by sentient foliage.

Killer Kimbap!
Kimbap is a rice/seaweed roll stuffed with vegetables, sometimes a layer of scrambled egg, and occasionally some crab meat.

Kimbap slicing other kimbap
People Baking Toast
Sure, it says People, but if you notice who's wearing the chef's hat, it's easy to see what's going on here!

People Baking Toast.  Sure it is!
Bonus Photograph
It isn't actually leather, but it may be fish. Hell, it may even be edible, but I'll never find out!

Dried seasoned leather jacket
While I had the camera out, I updated the Neighborhood Art post (five headers down) with two new sculptures in one plaza. Worth a look!

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People Baking Toast is the best.