Monday, August 9, 2010

Uncle Kim's Burger

The time: 2:00 AM (or later)
The day: Any day
The location: Itaewon, a block off the main strip, down past the police station
The subject: Uncle Kim's Burger, amazing

While my friend Max looks like he's alone, there were six or eight customers ahead of us, and a similar number behind us, all after Uncle Kim's special burger--a late night treat unique to Itaewon!

Frankly, it's not even an all-beef burger--I'm not sure what it is, and Uncle Kim isn't saying--but it is a tasty treat fer shure for Itaewon's late-night denizens. Check it out!

That's a white bread bun, grilled; one egg, over hard; one slice yellow cheese; one slice zucchini; chopped cabbage; ketchup and mustard; seasonings; one patty Uncle Kim's special burger.


조안나 said...

My boyfriend loves this place. He calls it the "junk burger" cuz "uncle Kim's" sign is new, it used to just be a nondescript cart on the street. Always a good stop before going home from Itaewon!

Foreigner Joy said...

That man has got to have a story.

Barb M. said...

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