Friday, August 13, 2010

Farewell, Roomie!

Old pal and Yong-in roommate Max has returned stateside, and a few of us met up together in Sindaebang for a final dinner! We started at this little hof where we ate some 훈제 족발 hunje jokbal, smoked pig's feet, served with jeotgal (a fermented shrimp sauce which Koreans believe makes pig meat more digestible), kimchi and pickled peppers:

After that, we planned to hit a soup restaurant that Max likes, but it was closed (probably for the owner's "special rest time" or summer vacation) so we went back up the street to a 곱창 gopchang place. Specializes in beef intestines. We got the so modum, or beef sampler:

It was quite delicious. Here we are enjoying it, Max first (around the circle are MC, Max, Anthony, Andrew and Sun):

That wasn't quite enough food, so we threw on a couple orders of 오겹살 ogyupsal which means that instead of three bands of fat, a la samgyupsal, it has five bands--and is skin on. Even better!

After that, there was more drinking to be done, but I didn't get any pictures. Anyway, so long, Max! Get your Master's degree and hurry on back. We've got a place at the barbeque table and a cold bottle of soju waiting for you!

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