Sunday, August 8, 2010

로댕 at Seoul Museum of Art

Taking photos in the Rodin Retrospective Exhibit at Seoul Museum of Art (now through August 22) is, of course, strictly forbidden. So my friend Karen took this one really quick and then we ran off.

You enter the exhibit on the third floor, a room called Rodin in His Studio, which consists mainly of studies, partials and scale models the sculptor would make before creating the full-size pieces. Lots of torsos.

The next room was all about Camille Claudel, Rodin's student, who became his inspiration, model, confidante and lover. Next are rooms devoted to his sculptures of Balzac and Hugo, the Burghers of Calais, and his dance figures.

When you come out, there is the Rodin souvenir shop, where you can buy minireplicas of the key works, in addition to books, postcards and cell phone danglies:

We thought at this point the tour was finished, and felt we were overcharged by the 12,000 W entry fee. However, the exhibit continues on the second floor, with rooms called The Hand of God, and the Gates of Hell, where Adam and Eve were found. And of course, his two most famous works--The Thinker and The Kiss, though both were only plaster replicas. Now the exhibit is finished.

The ground floor galleries are presently devoted to Man Ray's Photography and His Heritage:

For a Saturday during the last weeks of a major traveling exhibit, the museum was pleasantly uncrowded--by Seoul standards--though the rainy weather deserves some of the credit.

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