Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Photos

What follows are some photos I've taken in the past few months that never found their way into a blog post. Some are funny; some are strange; some are just interesting.

First, a few shirts:

Some unusual signs, including the SOB Building (who lives there?), and a map with an interesting way of saying "You Are Here":

Standing Point
Men take their hair care more seriously here than other places, perhaps. I am impressed by the use of balding patterns to spell out "Welcome"! But a Men's Beauty Shop may be a step too far:

CAUTION: Graphic Image Below!
This is a street seller's booth I saw at Dongmyo a couple days ago. Dude, if you have a condition like those shown in the photographs here, stop looking around at street seller's booths and go directly to the nearest hospital!

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조안나 said...

Haaa... I guess I didn't look closely at that mens balding head welcome sign... When I saw that one I thought they were teeth...