Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Neighborhood Art

This post provides photos of more public art I have seen in wandering around my neighborhood, following up on a post titled Neighborhood Art, back in November. Korean language inscriptions aren't usually helpful, but I've provided them when I could find them.

Deungchon Intersection Plaza:

걷는사람들: Which is something about mankind ...

In Front of An Apartment Complex:

축재: Which may mean 'My Personal Axis' or 'Ladder No. 2' or several other things, like 'My Personal Ladder' or 'Axis No. 2'...

Public Plaza: (small child sold separately)

In Front of Handi Art & Construction:

I know this is actually just the sign for the company, but it is pretty cool:

In Front of KoreanAir Headquarters:


Anonymous said...

the KAL one is interesting.. i guess being known for having pretty flight attendants wasn't enough? they had to put up the naked women statues as well? (i don't get what their statue has to do with airplanes/flight)

Anonymous said...

your neighborhood art has inspired me that since the weather is good take some similar pics around my area.

Tuttle said...

Dear Anon (if that is your real name), I don't know why this sculpture is at KAL either, except they wanted to spend a lot of money for a really nice piece of art. I didn't photo the siting, but it's kind of off to the side.