Monday, April 27, 2009

A Free Lunch

--who said there ain't no such thing? Well, it may have been US Army General Leonard P. Ayres in about 1946, but that's completely beside the point.

Of course, it is true that there is an opportunity cost associated with my free lunch today, being that I had to sit through presentations about the new technologies installed in the new English wing at school. I would have had to sit through those in any case, so the lunch arguably was free.

The restaurant is located in Gimpo, at the Airport. This is where Radar was always having to go to pick up new cast members--I mean, staff for MASH 4077. Located in the Sky Park directly adjacent to the terminal, its name is Sky Onn Food:

The photo above was taken from our table, the one below was taken on our table. The food is reputed to be the best west of the river, at least in the moderate price range. There were three sushi/sashimi chefs, a steak flipper, and several other people wearing toques and preparing food right in front of us.

The cuisine was international, but still exhibited a Korean influence, including six different kinds of kimchi. The plate you see above was ostensibly my dessert wave, but I couldn't resist grabbing some more sushi and salmon, and a bit of fresh crab there in the middle.

The food was definitely very good, and at W22,000 per head, not exorbitant; though it wasn't the best I've ever had, I can certainly recommend it. The only thing it really lacked was a quality cheese table. To get there, take the Olympic Expressway to Gimpo Airport, and turn in to the parking lot immediately past the passenger terminal. Or take AREX to Gimpo and follow the signs to Sky Park.


SuperDrew said...

When you say west of the river, what exactly does that mean? Do you mean south of the river, or just the south western part of Seoul?

Tuttle said...

Do I know? I'll say, the western part of Seoul, extending as far as Gimpo ...