Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Constitutional

I took a nice long walk right after lunch today to enjoy the gorgeous weather and get some shots of the spring blooms. I also took some photos of more public art for a new post to be titled More Neighborhood Art, after I finish this one.

First up, cherry blossoms on the plaza in front of my officetel:

cherry blossoms
In the little MaeHwa Park next door, some fuschia azaleas are starting to bloom, and some little white flowers, too:

The park also has a shady pavilion and several stone tables for playing Janggi 장기, or Korean chess:

MaeHwa Park pavilionJanggi tables

I'm not sure what kind of tree the next one is, but it has big fleshy blooms, like a magnolia. Below it is a cherry in full bloom:

A lone camelia bush in bloom, in the apartment complex next door:


Following are pictures of two trees next to each other that I feel pretty sure are some kind of magnolia, at least the white one. Stunning blooms the size of my hand.

One of my worries in coming to Korea was that living in a great big city like Seoul, I would miss out on the greenery and colors of nature I took for granted living in the countryside back home. I have been pleased to see that the city planners, apartment designers, etc, paid attention to the green spaces that so enhance quality of life.

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Anonymous said...

they're both magnolias! my neighbor has the white version in their yard and i asked my mom and she said it's called a 목련 (which yahoo korea tells me is a magnolia). :) she also mentioned that the pink/purple ones are prettier.