Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baseball Saturday

The weather in Seoul has been stunning all weekend. Yesterday, I went out to a ballgame--Jamshil again--with Nick, Andy and Andy's new squeeze, Jisun. They wore matching Doosan team jersies; Korean couples often match like this, and I for one think it's not particularly cute, present company excepted, of course ...

Andy and Jisun, matching
Here's a pair of shots that are even cuter, of the Doosan cheerleaders doing a dance:

Doosan cheerleaders
Doosan cheerleader
In the row in front of us (we were on the second row near the left field foul pole) were three little bundles of energy too small to see over the half-wall; despite that, they had no trouble watching the game:

small boys watching game
The game itself pitted LG Twins against the Bears, and the teams share the stadium--when they play each other, they alternate home and visitor. Friday night, LG won on the strength of 3 homers including a grand salami by a Westerner named Fettucini (his kid brother, Linguini, can also be found on home plate). In Saturday's game, Doosan had a 6 run 4th inning and took the game by a 9 to 5 margin.

Then it was time for samgyupsal in Seoulldae. Once again, I stayed one tick too long and got stranded by the subway at Sindorim, and had to catch a taxi the rest of the way. I stopped in at E-Mart, since that's where the taxi always drops me off, to get some OJ for the morning, and for some reason I picked up a bottle of Kalhua as well. So I'll have some really tasty coffee for afters tonight.

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