Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cellphone Survey

A couple of notes about class this week:

1) The cellphone lesson went quite well, except for the tendency of students to swap papers and write in their responses on the survey form, instead of verbally asking and answering. That is how resistant to speaking English many of them are.

2) The most interesting student-generated questions:
* Has a teacher ever taken away your cellphone in class?
* How many self-pics are on your phone? [No mention of sexting--yet.]
* How many girls' phone numbers do you have?

3) The most interesting answers:
* Text messages per day: several answers I saw were "over 100"!
* Have your parents ever taken away your phone as punishment? "Of course."

Bonus Photograph: Elvis has left the building. That explains why he's outside. This is at the Indus bar in my neighborhood. A kindly passerby snapped it on my cellphone camera. So is that a "self-pic"?

Elvis and me outside Indus


SuperDrew said...

Dude, I am over 100 text messages a day. Is that strange?

Tuttle said...

It is to me.