Thursday, February 26, 2009

My School Schedule

Or not.

Vacation draws to an end, so I thought it would be a good idea to hook up with Main Co-teacher Hwang and find out what is on my plate this semester--or at least the order of courses. (Get it?) We arranged for me to have dinner tonight with his family, but my hopes for information were quickly dashed--he didn't know. So, fine, I'll find out on Monday, the first day back at school.

We ate dinner at a restaurant across from their apartment complex called Jjigae Ae 찌개 애, literally 'I love jjigae'. Jjigae is stew; we had two kinds of stew but also samgyupsal--my fondness for it is a fact known throughout the peninsula. I had never had either type of jjigae but both were really good. Here are Hwang's lovely children:

The Hwang children
I brought back from China an ox-horn comb for the girl, and a small-size plush baseball bat with a Panda head on it for the boy, who eats, sleeps and dreams baseball--heck, he's wearing his uniform in the picture. I also picked up some enormous and tasty strawberries at the market, which made a fine finish to the meal.

All well and good, but the fact remains that I have no idea (well, not much of an idea) what my schedule looks like with only three days before school starts. Welcome to Korea!

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