Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good Chicken, Bad Chicken

Met up with Steve yesterday for luggage shopping at Dongdaemun--he is on his way to Italy for three weeks--followed by food and conversation.

Good chicken: This was in one of the thousand stalls that line the walkways around Dongdaemun market. A big plate of stir-fry chicken and vegetables, heavy on the gochujang, served on a plastic plate covered with a plastic bag. With odeng soup and weak barley tea. 10,000 W for two. Totally delicious.

delicious spicy chicken in Dongdaemun stall
Bad chicken: After more shopping, we succumbed to our thirst at a hof called 33 (Since 1991), nicely appointed in brass and glass. After a beer or four, we decided to try the house specialty, the fried chicken. Served on a fancy metal platter. 13,000 W for two. So overcooked it was practically desiccated.

overcooked chicken from fancy hof
Not chicken: That's the backpack I bought for 35K. You can see it's actually two backpacks that zip together. It's also got wheels and an extendable handle for rolling. Sweet.

new backpack

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