Monday, February 2, 2009

In the Cardinal's Nest

3 Alley Pub had a nice Superbowl party Sunday night. Oh, wait--I mean Monday morning beginning at 7 AM. Well, there was no way I was traipsing to Itaewon that early, but I did arrive around 9:00, about the end of the first quarter.

I ordered the breakfast special: 12,500 W for bacon, sausage, eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee, and got a great stool at the last available table, as two suits had to leave for work.

It quickly became evident that the crowd at 3 Alley was tilted for the Cardinals about 70-30. Indeed, the whole atmosphere of the place changed on the last play of the half, when Arizona, rather than settling for a field goal, decided to go for it, and handed an interception to the strongest defense in the league--which James Harrison ran back for a TD in the longest play in Superbowl history. You could have heard a pin drop, until someone started a "Let's Go, Steelers, F*ck you!" chant. Me, I just laughed.

During Bruce Springsteen's halftime show, everyone seemed very appreciative--though the young Korean waiter asked me if the singer was Tom Jones. The Cardinal fans were less appreciative of the zebras' efforts, loudly complaining at each flag. Well, each flag that went against red. Which was, admittedly, most of them.

I didn't really have a dog in this hunt, but if my Dolphins aren't there, I'll root for the AFC team--unless it's the Bills, who have forfeited their right to go to the Big Game, IMHO. Or the Patriots last year, because I didn't want to see the Tuna's perfect season get topped.

Well, last year was a great one, but I think this was even better--the Cards fans in 3 Alley went crazy when they took the lead, but I knew there was too much time left to begin celebrating. Of course, I was figuring on an overtime, but that toes-down catch by Santonio Holmes was the way a Superbowl should be won and lost.

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