Saturday, February 7, 2009

a china poem

oh china
home or homeland of practically everything even here
i buy or even can buy even if at inflated yuen
except maybe cars, but i bet car parts and upholstery
yeah i bet even plenty of car parts come from you

oh china
certainly producer of my socks and underpants
my ashtrays and beer mugs and camera
though my cellphone, both korean and american
are in fact korean but lets not dilute your story
oh china producer of almost most or all my shit

i understand you have whole cities devoted to the production
of just one item or kind of item, like there is a
sock city a city full of sock making factories and
a city hell a metropolis of millions where you manufacture
lighters for cigarettes that confess made in china

on them since we all know things have to say where theyre made
even cigarette lighters and socks and car parts
made in china they say, must say by law and all that bull
even if they sometimes have usa flags stickered over it
so someone can make a profit you dont mind do you china
since youre making a profit too

oh china
have you sold your soul your confucian soul to melamine
and carcinogenic sunglasses from carcinogenic sunglass city
of millions somewhere deep inland where you live
really, where you once lived though youve moved to the coast
pretty much except for the sunglass and lighter and sock
and beer mug and underwear and usa flag sticker cities

where you make usa flag stickers for what purpose, oh china

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