Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Street Scenes II

Well, since I doubt I'll be able to stay awake until the Inaugural, I figured to upload a few pics for the benefit of all my stateside friends, to entertain you until our long national nightmare is over--again.

First up, a cuddly pic of a boy and his dog on the subway. Absolutely brilliant. No greater chick magnet than a cute puppy dog--several girls sort of maneuvered their way toward this young man, and even toward me, as the puppy climbed over the girl between us to lick my face and perform other affectionate puppy-type acts. Small children and animals have always found me irresistible, what can I say?

puppy on subway train, genuine chick magnet
Next, a collection of crap for sale on the sidewalk, I think this is in Sillim, but I couldn't swear to it--people eke out a living, or don't, depending on the nexus of price point and popularity. Still, with a vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker and accordion within a three foot radius, it deserves credit for something.

Sidewalk sales, common in Seoul, seem not to need a permit
Crazy Burger has taken the place of Grilwich, "The Best of Friend!", and I was not entirely impressed by the burger or its craziness. The fries, however, were excellent. Now, when you sound out the hangeul in the sign, what it literally says is this: kuh-rey-ee-gee baw-gaw.

Not-all-that-crazy burger
The Crazy Burger shop is located under the pedestrian bridge about a block east of my school on the main road; sometimes I use this overpass to go to the market or the Family Mart. I used my cell phone to snap a shot of the view from this bridge (actually, I think all the pics in this post were taken with my cell phone):

Looking east toward Hangang

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