Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Koreans, Calcutta and Curry

Three days to go until winter camp ends. But, I really shouldn't complain: I got paid to play Pictionary all morning long! And once they understood the concept, it went well. Our starting theme was cities of the world.

I learned today that the Korean word for fly (the nasty, disease-spreading insect) is pronounced par-ee. The No. 1 bakery chain here is called Paris Baguette, pronounced in the French fashion, i.e., par-ee bag-et. I am surprised at its popularity, considering this association.

Below is a photo of the Pictionary clue of the day, "Car Report". Can you guess what world city it represents? No? Hover your mouse on the picture to find out!

Car Report = California!
What's that you say? It's not a city? Yeah, I know. But that's like Objection #5 on my list. Strangely enough, another student guessed it right. Pretty quickly.

This was in 4th period, the advanced class. I did Calcutta at one point, but no one guessed it--not because of my artwork, but because none of them had ever heard of it. Calcutta (or Kolkata. Whatever.) is India's second-largest city with 15 million people.

Curiously, we had curry for lunch. Koreans love curry.

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