Thursday, January 29, 2009

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We labor long and hard here in the Seoul Patch, planting, tending and harvesting, uh, Seoul, for the entertainment and edification of our dear readers. And we do this without thought of praise, payment or remuneration of any kind.

Nonetheless, it is with something akin to pride (well, at least in the same half of the dictionary) that I announce The Seoul Patch has been nominated for a Golden Klog Award--two of them actually.

What is a Golden Klog? Yeah, I didn't know either, but it turns out some dude who has probably run out of stuff to put on his own blog has hit on a clever way to up his page hits without too much work: he and a buddy get really snockered and go through all the Korean expat blogs (Korean blog-->Klog, get it?), dreaming up categories to "nominate" them for awards in. They then get this nice guy called Rob to notify nominees, so it all appears legit. Nominees like myself then post a link back to the first guy's site, urging visitors to go there and "Vote for Me!" Like I'm gonna fall for that.

Yours truly was nominated in the "Happiest Korea Blogger, 2008" category, which I'm really pissed off about, and "Up and Comer: Blogger to Watch in 2009" which I'm okay with, since it's already 2009.

Anyway, go to this guy's page:, click on the survey links and vote for Tuttle! Repeatedly!

In other blog news, my blogger profile has just passed 500 views. No real significance, I just like round numbers. Besides, fifty or sixty of those are me, anyway. But don't let this delay you in going to the Golden Klog Awards and letting your voice be heard. Or at least voting for Tuttle. TIA, HAND!

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Foreigner Joy said...

hey ya! I helped nominate you because I am so amazed at how detailed and great your blog posts are. You really get yourself out there and past the bar scene when embracing Korea. I hope you get a golden Clog..hehe