Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Chuseok iPhone

Chuseok is a three-day Korean holiday roughly equivalent to American Thanksgiving--it is the autumn harvest festival. This year's festivities run Sun., Mon., and Tues., and many schools, including mine, ad Wednesday as a travel/rest day, so I don't have classes again until Thrsday, Sept. 15. Sunday is also the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US. Very far from cool. In other news, my bank recently gave me an international credit card--very handy for traveling or setting up iTunes accounts. I've never had the need for an iTunes account ... though I do now because I just bought an iPhone 4.
It pretty much looks just like that, though I put a few of these things called "Apps" which is apparently short for "applications" (which those of us in the know know is what we should really call the "programs" on our computer), which is what I needed the iTunes account for. One really sweet "app" is called "Seoul City Metro" from JC Multimedia Design. First, it can use the iPhone's "location" feature to figure out where you are and give you a list of the all the subway stations within 5000 m of where you are. It has an interactive map, and for each station it displays the entire train timetable, putting the current time you're looking at it front an center. It even knows if it's a holiday. You can give it a begin and end station and it calculates the route and time. Much better than my old phone's map, though I didn't have to pay for it. I also put on an app that is a Korean-English-Korean dictionary. It is quite good and even has a pronounciation feature! Unfortunately, the pronounciation seems to be only for English words ...It is from "Cole Zhu, Inc." If you know a better one, drop me a line. Done below where it says "Comments".

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Adam said...

MLD (Multi Language Dictionary) has a pretty good Korean section. The free version uses online dictionaries for word and translation. If you pay for the pro you can get offline dictionaries too. Works pretty well.

Another subway app I like is Jihachul. It has metro maps and times for all the subway systems in the country.