Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Like Sports!


Recently I attended a baseball game at Munhak Stadium in incheon where my Heroes faced off aganst the SK Wyverns. The scores are best left unmentioned but the idea that diversity shines here was less than illustrated by the guy that said to Nick, in passing, "Yankee go home." (Well, okay, Nexen lost 3 - 6 but had a really good shot at it in the seventh.) The original plan was the outlay of extra cash--usual price for a ticket 8,000 to 12,000 W--for the "table seats" but Nick gathered a sufficient crowd (10) to order up a "SkyBox", a long ways down a creepy hall:
...with only six seats outside to serve ten people. It's not like we invented the idea that this SkyBox was for ten people, it says so on the ticket (350,000 / 10 people = 35,000 W). We were--all ten of us--good sports about it, and the rest of the crew posed magnanimously for this photograph on my new iPhone:

I cannot recommend going this route, however: 1) it's too small for ten people; 2) the view of the game is fine but not amazingly spectacular; 3) the idea you get freebies in your SkyBox is all wrong; 4) even when you try to order out for food and beer the phone DOESN'T WORK. I guess I'm glad i had the experience but it wasn't all that. Though they did have a special "Wyverns" beer:

...but it turns out it was only Hite with a decal wrapped around it!


On Sunday, I went to Sangam World Cup Stadium to watch FC Seoul host Busan I'Park. This is a great arena in which to watch a match. Alas, the team has done so well of late (winning the title last year) that many Seoulites have jumped on the bandwagon. The upshot is that it's much harder to find a good seat in general admission than it used to be. Still, I got an aisle seat (next to some English speakers) at the bottom of the upper deck. The view was basically like this:

The game, as FC Seoul games usually are, was awesome! Busan scored just before halftime despite FCS's overwhelming possession; Seoul evened up on a corner kick batted around in the box and then earned the 2 - 1 win in the 90th minute. Two of three goals, if I even have to say it, Big Five ones! Anyway, I apologize for continuing to be such a poor blogger, at least in terms of frequency .... I hope the quality at least has not suffered.


Superdrew said...

The one thing I really miss from Korea is the proyagu. Malaysia has its good points, though, particularly in the fact that there is no real openly racist people.

Tuttle said...

Ballgames are always fun. To be fair, the guy wasn't necessarily racist, he may have only bbeen xenophobic.

Tanner Brown said...

That whole section of the stands in the photo was empty, and right next to the field.