Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn is Here

In the last few days, the weather has changed--unsufferable heat and humidity gone, mild, breezy days with temps in the teens to mid-twenties in their place.  A change so sudden and complete it's almost as if someone turned off a giant switch somewhere.

Of course, the calendar would say it is so, since the autumnal equinox occured on September 23, but things aren't usually so neat and precise.  And sadly, if the last cycle or two is anything to go by, autumn won't be around for very long before winter comes along full-fledged and dumps a thick load of snow on top of us.

So here's to enjoying it while you can--get out and about doing outdoorsy things: go see a ballgame, play in the park, insist that your favorite restaurant set up a table for you outside.  That's what I'll be doing, so come on over and join me, have a piece of chicken.


Adeel said...

Fall is by far my favourite season, and even moreso in Korea. Let me also suggest a trip out of Seoul to a place with lots of trees.

Charles Montgomery said...

Longer version required, but on Spring..

For the book..