Saturday, June 25, 2011

Insadong: Little India


Insadong is a great place for top quality Korean food, but when I was there recently I decided to try Little India--I was in the mood for curry, and I had been wondering about the place. It looks authentic enough from outside:


...and from inside as well:


Of course, what really matters in a restaurant is the food, and I was quite pleased. I chose from the "special set" menu, which was a little pricey at 23,000 W but was plenty of food. I ordered chicken masala, lamb curry (meat dishes are your choice of beef, lamb or chicken), yoghurt and fruit desert, and a mango lassi (a kind of Indian shake). It came with rice and naan. And a samosa. It looks good.


My first bite of the curry was reassuring--it was really tasty, just the right heat, sweet and meat flavors. My first impulse was to finish it off, but what if the masala was a disappointment? I wanted to save half in case I needed to wash away a nasty masala.

Fortunately, I needn't have bothered, as it turns out the masala--despite being chicken instead of (to me, at least) tastier lamb--was better, more nuanced, than the curry. The samosa, the tetrahedral pastry, tasted fresh and light.

Next time you're in Insadong, unable to get any decent street food since the pocha have been moved along by the local office, I can recommend the Cafe Little India.


fiqahlee88 said...

Hi! i was wondering , that place is Halal or not? i'm pretty sure i'll be eating at Indian/Pakistan (halal) eatery a lot when i'm there soon^^

Tuttle said...

Fiqah--you would think that having the balls to do a "review" on this restaurant, I would have looked into such an important issue. But I didn't.

I don't know the answer to that question. However, judging from the look and feel, I'd bet it is.

Most Korean meat: not halal.