Sunday, November 7, 2010

Young-il Wizards

I'm just going to share a few pictures of my second grade students during the "Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat" lesson. The boys really love the Harry Potter books, so I can use that. It is also competitive, which they love even more.

"Running Dictation", or shall we call it analog downloading, they are less fond of, because it actually requires them to speak English for the purpose of communication to a classmate. What could be better than that, if you are a teacher of conversational English?


kevin.thurston said...

i'm a big running dictation fan, but i usually only do it in winter/summer camps due to class size. how many kids do you have/what's the set-up (partners or groups)?

Tuttle said...

I have typically 40 students in a class, divided into teams of 4 at a table.

I have the luxury of two doors on opposite ends of the room, which open onto the hallway of my "English Only Zone". I place one copy of the text about 4 feet away from each door.

With the doors open and ten to twenty students all talking at once, it can get noisy, but no one has ever complained.

The winners always get their picture taken and it goes up on my bulletin board--they love that. The special prize this week was posing in "sorting hats".