Sunday, November 14, 2010

Field Trip

My lovely Saturday class went on a field trip yesterday to practice English in the field, so to speak. Our destination was Times Square, a huge mall complex in Yeongdeungpo, to watch a movie, eat lunch and then view a photo exhibit called "Xyz City".

The only English language moview playing this Saturday was RED, an actioner with an amazing cast list headed by Bruce Willis, but then every movie that comes to korea seems to star either him or Leo DiCaprio. It wasn't as bad as I feared, and was even funny at times.

We ate lunch in the food court, where I had a reasonably fair "steak cheese burger" from Burger Hunter:

After that we made our way to an unfinished cavernous area of the mall at level B2. This was, to me, an interesting portrait of Seoul through the years (which I will blog separately). The students were to write guided responses to both main activities. We finished with some ice cream and called it a day.

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