Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I suppose it's inevitable that a Seoul blogger must have a post about the G-20 economic summit that is starting tomorrow: President Obama arrived in Seoul tday; Medvedev and Lee agree on closer ties; execs urge G20 to tackle protectionism (in Korea? Riiight!); 2 meter steel fence erected around COEX; Park Ji Sung single-handedly wins match for Man U ...

I'm not going to talk about any of that, even though Ji Sung's second goal truly was a stroke of genius. To set the stage a bit, my first graders are wrapping up a month-long unit on movies. The final activity is to design their own DVD jacket cover for a movie--it could be a real movie or one they made up, and there were various required elements, etc. I basically stole this idea from my electronic friends at (though I made up a full-size template to draw on).

Anyway, one of my favorites is pictured below, titled "G-19 - Assasin of the President":

His plot summary is as follows:
D-1 before G-20, the president of Brazil was assasinated! But the Korean government hide this truth to success this appointment. Only one bodyguard have to kill the assasin and tell the truth to everybody.

Sounds like a pretty good flick to me.