Sunday, November 14, 2010

XYZ City Photo Exhibit

Showing at Times Square mall in Yeongdeungpo, a photo exhibit of images of Seoul by eight different artists. Here is a sampling of what I liked:
Jun Min Jo: These are b&w images from the 1970s, and mostly juxtapose the old life with the new, or rural with the urban during Korea's headiest days of rapid development.

Che Won Joon:  Urban decay caught admidst the rapid growth of the "new city" of Seoul.

Lee Deuk Young: The second photo is a detail of the long one, titled "Teheran Road". This sroad is the address of numerous internet-related firms, as so is sometimes called "Teheran Valley". The street was given its current name in 1976 from Samneungno in a "name exchange" when Teheran's mayor visited Seoul.

Cha Ju Yong: Red crosses in Korea symbolize churches rather than hospitals.

Hwa Deok Hun:  Nice bird's-eye views of older tile-roofed houses, giwa jib 기와집.

With Seoul pushing its new image as an international design city, photos like these could lead to a debate about how serious the government has been in implementing design vs merely fostering growth.

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George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Thanks for this - looks like the kind of exhibit I'd love to check out.