Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuttle Update

Here's what's happening in my little patch of Seoul:
  • Mid-term exams start Thursday, so we have no scheduled classes after lunch on Wednesday. Some teachers have already asked to take my class time for desparately-needed review (a.k.a. lack of planning on their part--but no skin off my nose) so I have three classes tomorrow and two on Wed.
  • My lesson plan is one of my puzzlers and word games things, meant to be low stress and fun. I'll continue that next week, for the classes after exams finish (Thursday and Friday).
  • We have a final week of classes July 12 through 16. I will show them some video clips and cartoons.
  • My Summer Camp will run fifteen days, July 20 through August 5. I will do two classes, both of them only involving the fifteen students who have been chosen to go to Singapore (they depart on Aug. 6). One class will be conversation and vocabulary to prepare them for their trip; the other will be "book club", wherein they are to read and discuss Beastly by Alex Flinn, a modern retelling of the Beauty and the Beast.
  • We were told during our "re-hiring interview" to expect a new contract, with a more complete and precise English translation--to arrive at the beginning of July. I'm interested to see what this will bring. We sign it, get a medical check-up, and send that in. Then SMOE sends it back, we take the contract and some other stuff, including some money, to the Immigration Office, and get a new visa. Then it's done.

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