Thursday, June 10, 2010

Open Class

My "Open Class" was Tuesday, when two teachers from a local girls high school came to observe my teaching. The co-teacher announced this to the students, however, as "guests" from the girls school, whereupon the boys began behaving in a deranged manner, for they thought actual young feminine flesh was about to appear before them.

The groan when they were corrected was a soulful wail of shattered dreams.

Anyway, this is all done as part of my contract renewal process. I was initially hired for this job sight unseen after a twenty minute phone interview; but now that I've been a successful teacher inside their system for two years, they treat re-enrollment very cautiously.

I was told later by Mr Lee, at the "meeting" I held afterwards at the samgyupsal restaurant for the English Dept., that the guest teachers gave me perfect marks. I suspect that this is, to some extent, pre-arranged.

So, the next part of the process is an interview at SMOE on June 17; then comes the hassle of the medical check and the visit to Immigration for a visa renewal. And that's Tuttle set up for another year in the Seoul Patch.

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