Monday, June 7, 2010

Here and There

Unfortunately, most of my foreign friends are soccer-phobes, so it is always difficult to get anyone to go to a soccer game with me, even though World Cup Stadium is convenient to the subway and is a really awesome venue. And FC Seoul, the home team here, usually puts on a fine show.

I finally managed to get up a crew of more than one person to go with me--Andy, Jeremy and Greg, FCS responded with a great display of offense, with Dejan earning two in the first half--the first an awesome flick up to his right side which he volleyed past the Jeju keeper (today's patsies were Jeju United, in Posco Cup play).

In the second half, Jeju sparked a bit, earning a goal, but Huh Dae-seong answered with two of his own, the second about three minutes after the first, and some defender scored about five minutes after that (Big Five, he says) for a 5 - 1 score and six goals to counter Andy's perennial complaint that the two soccer games he's ever been to were nil - nil ties.

Moving on, today was another "principal's discretionary holiday" so I laid around, read and generally didn't do much.

Tomorrow will (supposedly) be my "open class" wherein a teacher from another school will come to observe my lesson and evaluate my teaching as part of the contract renewal process. The lesson will be fourth period, the topic is sports, and the main activity is the survey. Each team writes three questions on a topic I give them (e.g., Favorite Team, Foreign Athletes in Korea, Young-il Sports Day) and then breaks up to survey their classmates, and answer the other teams' questions. At the end, they share any interesting results.

After school, I'm going to host a "meeting" of the English Department--or whoever will come--at the local samgyupsal restaurant. And hopefully, second round.

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조안나 said...

I was at the game too! Poor Jeju... they never really had a chance...
ps. I want my photo with the mascot ^^.