Monday, June 14, 2010

This Weather!

We had a very long winter here in Seoul, and a very mild spring. Temperatures have been cool--although it has also been unusually rainy: they tell me the vast majority of Seoul's rainfall comes during a month-long rainy season in June and July called 장 마Jangma, a.k.a. the East Asian monsson.

Well, I remember the monsoon in Thailand, and what I saw here last year did not impress. Drenched and irritated, yes; impressed, no.

As I said, the mercury has stayed pretty low--until last week; since then, the high has been in the 30s Celcius pretty much every day (that's about 90 F in dog years, or whatever).

And it's still been humid and rainy. It rained on Saturday afternoon and evening--ruining plans of millions of Seoulites to go to City Hall (click here to see Jo-Anna's post on what that was like) or Sangam or just sit on the patio of their favorite chicken hof to watch South Korea play Greece to start their World Cup campaign.

Today it was rainy and hot when I walked to school today--my hair was soaked, even though my umbrella doesn't leak. The forecast for the rest of the week is more of the same--rain with a high in the mid to upper 20s. There is a chance it will dry out on Thursday though, hopefully long enough for me to catch the Korea-Argentina game in an outdoor venue.

Bonus Photograph: Presented without comment.

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