Monday, September 7, 2009

A Few Tidbits of Today

1) I found out today, about an hour in advance (why am I still surprised by this kind of thing?) that a film crew would come into my classroom to shoot footage for a promotional video for the school. Could I please do something interesting?

Well, no one actually said that, but you get the feeling. Could you please tell me a little bit in advance? I'd answer, if they did. I could have worn a tie. I bought a new tie in New Zealand that I only wore once, a fetching bright yellow, but not so bright that it would strobe on film.

So it came to pass during 4th period that four or five twenty-somethings carrying a lot of equipment came in and tried to catch in the act of learning a group of second graders whose concentration skills are tenuous at the best of times. I don't know how the footage came out as I wasn't invited to lushes, but I am not hopeful. They did get a good shot up my right nostril as wrote "famous" on the whiteboard.

2) Lunch today--mind you, lunch is almost always good at Young-il HS--was an orgy of meat, which Jay Lee pointed out was the Mr Campbell Special. The main course was beef bulgogi; the soup was budae jjigae in guk form, essentially a soup loaded with SPAM chunks, hot dog slices, bacon, baked beans and kimchi; and pork meatballs.

3) I got approval to spend a little money on some toys. No, that's not code for computer equipment or something, I mean toys. My next crazy lesson plan for turning the English Only Zone inside out is going to be ... a Toy Convention, come Oct 19. So I'll spend around W 100,000 buying some toys for the manufacturer's "booths" (a pair of desks and some laminated signage) to show to the store buyers. The format will be generally as described in the Young-il Job Fair.

I wanted to make it cheap and easy, so I want to use simple, old-fashioned toys: bag o' marbles, cup-and-ball, wind-up pin-organ, etc. And I finally hit on the right idea: toys which don't use batteries! Here's the first draft of a logo for the Young-il ToyCon, made in MS Paint:

I've put together the conversation exchange and the worksheet templates, but still to come are the logos for the toy manufacturers, the displays, and the unique names of the stores and store buyers, enough for about 30 students.

If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. The first time. However, I always work under the principle that if I do it correctly from the start, I can reuse it over and over, thus saving effort in the long run. OTOH, I'm not planning to stay in Korea all that long.


조안나 said...

but why does a public school need a promotional video??

Tuttle said...

Next year, SMOE is going to vastly increase school choice for students, so most schools in the system want to be more aggressive also in attracting the best students.

I don't know all the ins and outs, but 영일고 is actually a privately-founded school within SMOE. The main things that may be different, I think, are that it charges higher tuition, and that teachers do not rotate. Some faculty have been here 25 or 30 years.