Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Upgrading the Redpig

Okay, the day's lesson plan, for the five sections that actually have my class this week, is a review of future tense. Which we initially tackled last semester. In preparation for Chuseok, they have to write 2 sentences in the past tense, about things they did during last year's Chuseok holiday, and then write two sentences about things they will do this year--using future tense forms. Then they'll have to read them to the class.

It turns out that the vast majority of students at Young-il High School eat songpyeon 송편 and play computer games during the holiday. Granted, this often takes place with their relatives or at their grandparents' house. Many students also write about the "pocket money" they receive.

To wit, one student wrote that he hopes to upgrade his redpig during the holiday. I thought at first maybe a Redpig was some kind of Bluetooth knock-off, but it turns out he was referring to adding pocket money to his piggy bank!

Bonus Photograph: Shouldn't that be "Smile"?

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