Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuttle News Wrap Sandwich

A couple notes which may be of interest, however mild, to the Teeming Dozens (and a Hail fellow, well met! while I'm at it):

1) One minor complaint many Westerners share here is the thickness of loaf bread slices. They are really thick! 20 mm thick (get out a ruler and look, that's some serious bread-heft!) Some people I know don't even eat loaf bread, because they can't handle so much bread.

Our friends at E-Mart's Day and Day Bakery have begun offering a new product, and I dare say it will be the biggest thing since sliced bread: sliced bread. BUT, not just the usual 20 mm, they are now offering 15 mm and 13 mm options.

I celebrated by getting some peanut butter (about US $5 for a small jar) and strawberry jam. I also made a club sandwich for dinner tonight, with a slice of Velveeta, bacon, lettuce, tomato and some slices of leftover ChickenMania fried chicken heated up in the bacon grease.

2) I have been scouring the stores for inexpensive, interesting, no-batteries-required toys for an upcoming lesson; yesterday, I was in the HomePlus a few blocks from my place when I found myself in the pencil case aisle, where I found the items below. They are without a doubt the most successful examples of English wordplay I have seen in this country!

Fantasy Orange
I mean, Coca-Spaniel--how brilliant is that?

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