Wednesday, July 15, 2009

K-Pop the Vote!

This is the last week of classes of the semester, which makes it election week at Young-il go-dung hagkyo. I brought my camera to school to capture the flavor of campaigning as students stream in through the gates in the morning:

The number is the candidate's ID number on the ballot sheet, determined earlier by a random drawing. In addition to enlisting their friends to cheer for them, the wannabe politicos are responsible for providing posters identifying their policy platforms to go on this bulletin board:

There are seven candidates for president, and only one for vice-president. Among the platform issues:

  • toilet paper in all bathrooms
  • no hair length requirement
  • no boring sports events--everyone should get to participate
  • I have no agenda, but I will listen to you and try to do what you want
  • 8th period (after school program) should be optional
  • classes during the week after exams should be 10 minutes shorter

Mr Hwang and I both celebrated the power of the vote, but lamented that we had no rights to vote in this election! Personally, I'm all for shorter classes...


Jo-Anna said...

reminds me of my high school... too bad administrations don't actually care about student demands..

Foreigner Joy said...

I like the "no hair-length" requirement. It is revolutionary.