Monday, July 13, 2009

Brief Teef Update

1) I was biting into a pork meatball today at lunch when I encountered a bit of bone. Unfortunately, it was MY bone, a piece of an upper molar that has been irritating me for about a year now, since the filling fell out (I have two, total two, fillings, in this mouth).

While I was flossing after lunch another piece fell out, so now I have a tooth disintegrating bit by bit in my mouth. No, it's not painful at all, but obviously, I must go to a dentist. Hwang doesn't know an English speaking one, so I'm hoping Andy's recommendation of the dentist in the building next door to my officetel will work out (stay tuned for a full post on my first dental visit in umpteen years).

2) I was just bragging this weekend to Steve W and Gav that I am proactive in dealing with miscommunication issues since I always ask Mr Hwang on Friday as we walk to school about any schedule changes for the next week. He told me that:
A - Thursday, 1st period would be devoted to student government elections; and,
B - Friday, scheduled as the last day of term, would be a holiday.
Well, it turns out that he was "Mr Wrong" on the Friday holiday, as Constitution Day hasn't been a national holiday for two years. Ah-hah. Thursday's veracity is TBD.
UPDATE: First period on Thursday proceeded as normal--some first graders had a medical check during this time (But not the ones in my class) so all first graders got a private electoral session!

3) Furthermore, he neglected to point out until today--that's Monday--that I would have no classes tomorrow--that's Tuesday--due to a national exam practice session. So, of three special events that I specifically asked about, he was wrong on two out of three. Now that gets you a million-dollar contract in the MLB, but for reading a calendar, it is pathetic. UPDATE: Make that batting .000!

4) So the upshot of all this is that tomorrow I will walk to work as usual in order to get credit for the day's work and, as I have no responsibilities, immediately turn around and go to the dentist. Oh, BTW, I'm askeered!

5) On top of all that, 장 마 jang-ma has decided to act up and Seoul is expecting the worst downpour of the season tonight and tomorrow. Rain for the next two days!


Foreigner Joy said...

I like the rain!

I have given up on trying to know everything that is going to happen at my school. They would make me stay anyways if the kids had it easy. It use to really irritate me that I wasn't kept in the loop but then I found sometimes my ignorance was bliss.

Anyways...hope your Dentist trip goes well. i need to get to one soon for a cleaning.

Jo-Anna said...

I know a great English speaking dentist... but she's in Wangsimni... it's called e-smile dental clinic. phone number is 02-2293-2875. She has good prices too!

Anonymous said...

good luck at the dentist! it sounds like all the nerve tissue in that tooth is gone if you're not feeling pain and pieces of the teeth are falling off. if that's true, good news: you won't need a root canal. i guess kinda bad news: you'll likely need a crown to salvage what's left of the tooth.

if you need a crown i suggest just getting an all gold one since it's an upper molar and it'll rarely show unless you throw your head back and laugh with your mouth wide open or something. they're easy for the dentist to work with and gold crowns last the longest. if you're concerned about aesthetics then get a porcelain one with a layer of gold underneath rather than a full porcelain crown (the weakest kind of crown). there could be issues with aesthetics in the future, but again it's your upper molar and people will likely never see it.

*advice from your friendly anonymous (former) dental assistant with personal root canal experience :)

Sandra said...

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