Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Considering that I finish my school day at 9:00 AM, I have considerable free time, so I trekked to Sindorim TechnoMart today to the bookstore. The entry plaza from the subway station (which I previously blogged here) had several large figures, which I assumed from a distance were promotional materials for the new Transformers movie or something like that.

Instead, they were promoting a display called "JunkArt" by an artist named Oh Dae Ho or an approximation thereof: 오대호, and created from junkyard metal. It looked interesting, but at an admission fee of W 15,000 (about $12), not that interesting. Still, I was able to get a few snaps with the cellphone cam:

PS: This is blog post #300--unbelievable...


Foreigner Joy said...

I love the way you critique art...kind of a no nonesense style. ^^

Tuttle said...

I don't know that my posts are "critiques" as much as observations of what I am seeing--Seoul has an active art scene that I want to expose to my Dear Readers. I am not an art critic, but as someone said, I may not know Art, but I know what I like.

I hope I am "no nonsense" as that seems a pretty good way to be.

Seriously, though, W 15,000 to see junkyard materials, when visiting Deoksugung is W 3,000 including all the historical buildings plus two Japanese colonial "Federalist style" buildings which contain art displays... gimme a break!